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The Hen House is Perth, Western Australia's sexxxiest and most inspiring rehearsal studio. Situated in Osborne Park, we have 14 spacious and vibing rehearsal rooms. Its the perfect place to jam, shoot hoops, play streetfighter and hangout. Book a room now 0407 442 726 - Hope to see you here soon. Rob


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Dealing With Disappointment In The Music Biz!

Great photo by Jacinta Mathews - Our favourite photographer

In 2002 after years 5 years worth of of local shows we received a call from EMI records. They had heard our latest demo’s, loved them and wanted to fly us to Sydney to meet and play a show for them. What the hell?! EMI! Love us!! We’d never even played a show out of W.A! WOAH!

So, like four excitable teenagers we boarded the plane, flew to Sydney and met the top brass at EMI. We played the opening slot supporting The Sleepy Jackson and Eskimo Joe. EMI loved the show we played and loved Gyroscope. Things were looking good. Very good. It looked like all the hard work was about to pay off.

“Write your next batch of songs and we’ll look at signing you!” They said.

Pumped, we flew back to Perth got back into room 6 @ The Hen House and wrote our next batch of 6 songs. It was in our opinion, our best work to date.

We sent the songs back to EMI full of anticipation that we might sign that elusive Major label deal. Something we had always dreamed of. The years of hard work were about to pay off. Excitement ensured.

With in a week we received an email from EMI. It said

Dear Gyroscope,

“Thanks for the demo’s we have given them a good listen; but don’t feel the direction is right for us and we are going to pass on signing the band.”

We were devastated. So close to glory and then…bam…Nothing! It was horrible. How could they not sign us. We absolutely loved all 6 songs and felt it was our best work yet!

The moral of this story is that you will always receive setbacks and disappointments but you must press on. You have to keep believing that your band is good enough. Even if other people don’t think so….and that is exactly what we did

We kept on playing shows and having fun as a band. At the same time we sent those exact same demo’s out to a bunch of Independent and Major labels…It took a while, but 6 months after the disappointment of EMI passing on us we were in Melbourne signing a record deal with Festival Mushroom Records.

Those songs gained us our first few spins on JJJ and the wheels for the next 10 years of our journey were set in motion.

If we had let EMIs opinion upset us we may never have gone on to what was only just around the corner.

Always back yourself guys and don’t worry about setbacks and disappointments. Every band goes through them. It’s the strong ones that make it through to the other side.

Good luck

Rob Nassif

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios


Making Money In The Music Business – Feature Article In The West Australian

Rob in Room 17 @ The Hen House

The topic of money and the music business invariably comes up in plenty of muso’s conversations. After all, musicians have just as much right as any to be compensated for their hard work. Increasingly, the ability of a musician to make a buck in the age of illegal downloads, streaming services and the internet has made that more of a challenge than ever.

The West Australian newspaper tackled this predicament with a really interesting article that came out last week. As well as my 2 cents worth their are some fascinating insights from Ian Kenny, Birds of Tokyo/Karnivool fame, Dave Faulkner from The Hoodoo Gurus as well as San Cisco/John Butler Trio Manager Phil Stevens.

To read, simply click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures.

If the thumbnails do not display below then simply CLICK HERE to read the article


Do You Have The Right Bandmates?

Needles Douglas Jamming in room 17 @ The Hen House

Just how dedicated to your band are you? More importantly, How dedicated are your band mates?

With out a doubt one of the toughest parts of starting a band is simply finding other people that are 100% committed to pursuing music with the same enthusiasm that you have.

Bands often start enthusiastic enough. The simple excitement of writing a song and learning your instrument in the early days is generally enough to sustain a level of excitement amongst band members.

Over time that band then begins playing gigs and thoughts of actually taking their music somewhere begin to form and inspire the band. This dreaming phase is a beautiful time in any bands life.

The possibilities are endless and the drive with in the band is generally at an all time high. Your friends make the effort to come out to your 1st shows and you actually play in front of a decent crowd. This phase generally lasts a good year or so, its then that things seem to get interesting.

After writing their 1st generation songs and gigging in Perth for a year or so that initial enthusiasm can begin to be replaced by complacency. Often there has been no success at JJJ, that elusive support slot has yet to eventuate and friends are no longer coming to shows.

Its during this phase that the weaker band members start to lose focus and start making excuses for not making it to rehearsal or worse not making shows (insert excuse here) – Their dedication to the band begins to wain. This is often a long drawn out process that starts slowly and negatively impacts the bands ability to move forward.

It becomes harder to write songs, you play less gigs and the whole momentum of the band can now only go as fast as the weakest member who is slowly but surly dragging the band down with their lack of passion. This leads to frustration between the band members who are pulling their weight and the one(s) who aren’t.

If you play in a band with a person who fits this description then get rid of them. They are bringing your band down and you will never fulfil your goals with this sort of member in your band. I know this sounds brutal especially as friendships are usually involved but there is nothing worse than a person who likes the ‘idea’ of being in a band but simply isn’t willing to put in the time and effort required to make it.

You want to make sure you surround yourself with positive, enthusiastic and driven bandmates. People that share a really genuine love for music. People who share the same musical goals as you and are willing to do the little 1 percenter’s to help push the band forward.

These sort of bandmates are truly rare. I can safely say that Gyroscope’s strongest attribute was our dedication to each other. We all spurred each other on to make sure we were always working hard to reach out potential. Great band members are worth their weight in gold, so give them a high five when you see them next as your already along way in front of bands without a stable foundation of members.

Don’t forget guys that simply having the right members is only 75% of the job done. Having the right work ethic and dedication to fulfilling your goals will ultimately provide you with the best chance of success.

Good luck

Rob Nassif

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios



Tame Impala @ The Hen House

Was an absolute Honour having The Tame Impala guys down at The Hen House last week!!! Such a great example of what is possible for WA musicians. Dream Big! Rob

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