Studio Manager – Chris Winterburn

Studio Manager, Chris Winterburn is an essential part of what makes The Hen House Rehearsal Studios such a special place to rehearse. Having worked down at the studio for the past few years, his friendly demenour is known and loved by Perth’s musicians. I thought it was high time we took a few minutes with Chris.

How long have you played music for and what bands have you played in?

I started playing guitar around year 7 and soon after joined the school band covering all the four chord favourites. I then continued to play guitar through high school, mainly to pick up chicks. After that failed I joined my first serious band Crysis. We gigged around for many years, then in 2010 we had some line up changes and my current band Further Earth formed.

What projects are you working on right now?

At the moment I’m working with Further Earth putting together a bunch of new tracks, hopefully to be released later this year. I have also been doing some jamming with Hen House legend Matt Oldfield along with all around great guy Jarryd Price.

What are some of your favourite highlights/memories of being in a band?

For me the best part of playing in bands is playing shows, especially rewarding ones like cd launches. There is nothing better than sharing a night with your best buds celebrating the launch of a cd you’re all proud of ! My personal favourite show of all time was the Crysis ep launch in 2007 at amps. That night was bananas.

How long have you been jamming at The Hen House (RNR) for?

I’ve been rehearsing at Hen for years now. My time goes back to the old days when the studio was called RnR and run by the infamous Mike. The studio has definitely come a long way.

Whats it like managing The Hen House Rehearsal Studios?

Managing the Hen House is fantastic, by far the best job I’ve ever had.  I meet new and exciting characters every week. Its always astounding witnessing the variety of musicians that come through.

Biggest challenge manageing the studio?

The biggest challenge for me at the moment would have to be managing late cancellations from bands. At times it can be hard to keep track of who owes what.

You see and hear alot of bands down at the studio…Which bands should we keep an eye and ear out for?

Well thats a hard one because there are so many to choose from ! But my picks for this year would be September Sun, Pat Chow, I, Said The Sparrow and of course Tired Lion.

Any good at shooting hoops down at the studio?

Well I think all the practice is paying off. Definitely better in studio 1 though.

Thanks Chris

Rob Nassif

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios