How did Nightmare Effect start out?

– Well many of us guys have been friends for a long time and we all jammed out music together long before we started Nightmare Effect. Though we made sure that we had a very formal start to this band so that it wouldn’t just become a casual jam situation. Our second guitarist and vocalist joined before we even had our first jam so we had a full line up straight away.

What’s your goal as a musician and for the band?

– My personal goal is to be the best guitarist that I can be. On one hand this means learning to play faster and more technical things so that my song writing is not restricted by my playing. But on the other hand, it also means knowing when to take my foot off the pedal and do what is right for the song.
In the jam room, our goal as a band is to really write songs that show the strengths of the individual members of our band. As for outside the jam room, we aim to be doing consistent and regular interstate shows by the end of the year.

Advice for new bands trying to get shows?

– Absolutely!
1. I think that one of the most important things is to have some sort of demo available to listen to. It doesn’t have to be great quality. Even live is fine (as long as you can hear the music). People putting on shows just want to know what you sound like. I have unfortunately passed on many bands before simply because I have no idea what they sound like.

2. Get yourself out and into the scene! Go to some live shows, get to know the bands and people that put on these gigs.

3. Try putting on your own shows to help get your name out there. Many bands are very appreciative of getting gig offers and sometimes they even return the favour. Ok…. your not going to get in at the Amplifier on your first few shows. The Railway and Swan Basement (both in Fremantle) are great places to start.

How long have you been jamming @ The Hen House and what’s your favourite room?

– I have been jamming at the Hen House for about a year now. We tried so many different places and we just couldn’t find anywhere suitable. Either the rooms were too small, the P.A systems wern’t good enough or the prices were insanely high! We found the Hen House in July last year and we haven’t looked back. Its such a great environment and the guys running the place are champs!. We usually take a half time break in our jams so that we can play basketball or use the arcade machines. Plus we are constantly raiding the vending machines. I am in two bands that have a weekly booking at Hen House. Both are in room 16. Though our favourite room is the BIG room!

Your opinion on the W.A metal scene?

– There is so much happening at the moment. New and amazing bands are coming out of nowhere on a weekly basis. Gigs are happening everywhere and every weekend. I just wish that we had more venues to support this. Especially with Black Betties and Rocket Room shutting shop. It’s getting hard for metal bands to find new and exciting places to play. But the positive side to this is that it forces the more dedicated bands to start venturing over east.

Favourite Perth band?

– I dont think that I could answer this question. There are just waaaay too many good bands around.

Whats next for Nightmare Effect?

– We are working extremely hard on our 6-7 song EP at the moment. Yes, we do have a previous EP but we have since then recruited a new singer with amazing clean vocals as well as the the growls. We have taken that into a VERY different, more technical and heavier style for us. We are currently in the recording process but we are still playing shows too.
Our next show will be at the Civic Hotel on August 9th. The majority of the bands on the list are also Hen House bands!

Thanks for your time Sheldon.

Rob Nassif

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios