There’s not many people as passionate about Rehearsal Studios as me. But then most people don’t understand the magic of what a Rehearsal Studio can offer.

Thats me (Rob Nassif) in the hang out area of studio 2

Its with in the 4 walls of the humble rehearsal studio that the dream takes shape. Its where the chemistry of different personalities, passions and energy come together to create something that moments ago never existed.

Its a space where not only music is created but friendships forged and bonds are strengthened. All for the ultimate goal of writing an amazing song…and its that song that can take you anywhere you want to go. Weather its as simple as playing a show or touring the world with your band…The dream begins here.

The Hen House Rehearsal Studio’s were started on the 1st of May 2010.

Of course as all stories go getting to the point of opening The Hen House was many years in the making.

Before it was called The Hen House, the studio used to be called RNR Rehearsal Rooms. I first showed up to RNR in 1999 as a fresh faced 18 year old with my band Gyroscope. We began jamming there twice a week and started writing songs that would eventually go on to become our first few E.Ps and then culminate in the release of our 1st album Sound Shattering Sound (2004)

Music became a full time job, and in 2005 for our 2nd record (Are You Involved?) we hired a room @ RNR full time for 6 months to craft the record. Spending this much time at the studio started getting me thinking about all the things the studio was missing.

2006 saw us return to RNR to write our 3rd album Breed Obsession. We spent 8 months writing tunes in Room 6 and were pretty damn excited by the result. It was at this time that the studio was beginning to look a bit worse for where and I started toying with the idea of buying the studio.

We spent from Sept 2008 to Sept 2009 holed up at RNR writing our 4th record Cohesion.  At this point I began talking to all the bands about what they wanted in a rehearsal space? What could help them be more creative?

It was around this time too that I got into the idea of a Rehearsal Studio being more than just a place to jam.

In the early days of Gyroscope alot of our friends had rehearsed with us on the same nights. We would take breaks hang out and check out what each bands new songs…It was a really creative, inspiring and most of all fun time. It was a release from work or study and it was at a place with lots of like minded people…

This really is at the heart of what I want most at The Hen House.

“A place where bands and musicians can hang out with friends, create amazing music and have fun.”

As fate would have it, I struck a deal to buy the studio in May 2010 and my previous 11 years of dreaming didn’t go to waste…

My goal is for The Hen House to not just be the best Rehearsal Studio in Australia…But the world.

Hope to see you down here soon

Rob Nassif

Call or Text – 0407 442 726 – To Book A Room