Great photo by Jacinta Mathews – Our favourite photographer – Brad Campbell with out a doubt the man most willing to put his body on the line in Gyroscope.

In 2002 after years 5 years worth of of local shows we received a call from EMI records. They had heard our latest demo’s, loved them and wanted to fly us to Sydney to meet and play a show for them. What the hell?! EMI! Love us!! We’d never even played a show out of W.A! WOAH!

So, like four excitable teenagers we boarded the plane, flew to Sydney and met the top brass at EMI. We played the opening slot supporting The Sleepy Jackson and Eskimo Joe. EMI loved the show we played and loved Gyroscope. Things were looking good. Very good. It looked like all the hard work was about to pay off.

“Write your next batch of songs and we’ll look at signing you!” They said.

Pumped, we flew back to Perth got back into room 6 @ The Hen House and wrote our next batch of 6 songs. It was in our opinion, our best work to date.

We sent the songs back to EMI full of anticipation that we might sign that elusive Major label deal. Something we had always dreamed of. The years of hard work were about to pay off. Excitement ensured. With in a week we received an email from EMI. It said

Dear Gyroscope,

“Thanks for the demo’s we have given them a good listen; but don’t feel the direction is right for us and we are going to pass on signing the band.”

We were devastated. So close to glory and then…bam…Nothing! It was horrible. How could they not sign us. We absolutely loved all 6 songs and felt it was our best work yet!

The moral of this story is that you will always receive setbacks and disappointments but you must press on. You have to keep believing that your band is good enough. Even if other people don’t think so….and that is exactly what we did

We kept on playing shows and having fun as a band. At the same time we sent those exact same demo’s out to a bunch of Independent and Major labels…It took a while, but 6 months after the disappointment of EMI passing on us we were in Melbourne signing a record deal with Festival Mushroom Records.

Those songs gained us our first few spins on JJJ and the wheels for the next 10 years of our journey were set in motion.

If we had let EMIs opinion upset us we may never have gone on to what was only just around the corner.

Always back yourself guys and don’t worry about setbacks and disappointments. Every band goes through them. It’s the strong ones that make it through to the other side.

Good luck

Rob Nassif

The Hen House Rehearsal Studios