Rehearsal Studios for drum practise

My Pearl Masterworks Kit


Hey Drummers,

So I have been feeling really inspired behind the kit lately; Gyroscope have begun writing album #5 and I’ve also been hanging out a bit on the super excellent Perth Drummers Facebook Page and simply chatting to all of you down at The Hen House Rehearsal Studios. Which has ultimately inspired the following idea!

Drummers can now hire a room at The Hen House Rehearsal Studios for solo practise for only $30. Which you can use for up to 5 hours!

If you can’t be bothered packing up your kit, bring your sticks and use my Masterworks (pictured above) for only $50! (includes room hire and kit) – This kit is absolutely beautiful. For that price you can also use my Zildjian Ks and As.

This is a great way to get off the electro kit and really make a lot of noise! Come down and jam out on your kit, practise those rudiments, heck even shoot a slick looking YouTube drum video.

Fear not if you’re a guitarist, Bass Player, Saxophone Player or any other instrument for that matter. Everyone is welcome and you can all take advantage of this great solo rehearsal studio rate. So far we have also had MCs, Poets and Photographers hire the space. Songwriters are also finding it pretty useful during the day.

These rates are available at the following times.

Available 9am to 6pm Monday to Thursday

As well 9am to 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Hope to see you here at the rehearsal studio soon


Book Now 0407 442 726