Gyroscope Tour Of South Africa

“There are no guarantee’s…After all its the music business” So says Rodriguez from the amazing music documentary “Searching For Sugar Man” (Please make sure you watch this)

This line really hit home for me, because It is so true!

The difficult thing I find when writing these blogs is that no matter what I recommend for your band, there is always a good chance it will amount to nothing. Your band may well in fact never reach the lofty goals and dreams you or I have; no matter how hard you work and the reality of that sux.

I remember when Gyroscope signed our record deal with Festival Mushroom Records in 2002. We had been building towards that day for years. It was a day I had dreamed about. In a lot of ways it felt like a vindication for the years of hard work.

But what did it really mean? Was our future success guaranteed. Did we now stand a mere song away from cracking it and finally becoming full time muso’s? Not really.

Actually all it “Guaranteed” was that the label would pay for the recording and distribution of exactly one EP. The success of that EP would then determine weather the label would take option on funding an album.

All we could do on our end was to try as hard as possible and to have as much fun as possible because the rug could be pulled out from under us at any point. This was great mentality as we were now all on the dole but having the time of our live’s.

The flipside to this was at the same time other bands who were often more talented than Gyroscope received no deal…They worked just as hard (if not harder) and wrote amazing songs…But for whatever reason the planets didn’t align and the band never became as successful as they should have. This is the reality of the music business. Great bands slip through the cracks all the time. Many who have spent years honing their craft.

Are they considered failures?

Of course not. And this is the main point of this blog post. Its to remind everyone that being super ambitious in your band is great. With out it your going nowhere…But at the end of the day we are musicians and we play shows for one reason.

To have FUN.

When ambition swollows fun, musicians become bitter, and ulimately less productive and creative. You don’t ever want to be this person, because playing in a band can be one of the most enjoyable times of your life.

End Of Tour Wrap

Not only that, but being a musician allows you to be creative, express a different side of your personality as well as meet new people and make new friends. Even if your band is never as successful as you envisage it to be be…you will still end up drinking lots of free beer, impressing the opposite sex and if your lucky maybe you’ll even end up meeting a few of your musical hero’s along the way.

All of these experiences make up the journey as you go along. Enjoy them. Savour them. Because no matter how successful your band is you will always have these great memories with your band mates and you will look back upon your musical years with a smile.

ROB NASSIF – The Hen House Rehearsal Studio’s