I caught up with a friend of mine who manages man of the moment Vance Joy. He was explaining the fascinating story of how he discovered him through a shared sound cloud link via Facebook as well as how they went about signing hime to Atlantic records in the US even before monster hit “riptide” came out.

One of the more interesting discussions we shared was around Triple J unearthed. He was explaining to me that just about every major label in the US have interns that will actually scour the JJJ unearthed site as a way to discover new talent.

That is fascinating to me, but makes perfect sense. Unearthed has become the one stop shop for just about any aspiring band in Australia. It’s a simple an easy way for your song(s) to be heard with the added bonus of gaining exposure on Triple Js dedicated unearthed station as well as their main radio station.

Keeping all this in mind, why is it then that 8 out of 10 Unearthed pages are disasters and probably do your band more harm then good. I spend a lot of time on unearthed so I thought I’d create a few pointers on how to create the Perfect unearthed page.
1.Only put quality recordings up on the site. I know how it is. A friend records a song for you and you love it, so you think its worth a shot at putting it up on unearthed. DONT. 50% of all unearthed bands I listen to put songs up that were recorded live, in the rehearsal room or their mate Simmo’s back shed recording studio and you know what?! they sound terrible. Quality 1st.

2. Spend money in a proper recording studio and use the talents of a producer to help shape your songs. Even if it means you only record 1 song. Rather spend the extra money to have 1 great sounding song as apposed to 4 average sounding songs. At the end of the day its the 1 song that will peak interest in the rest of your music and your band.

Gyro Recording Drums For 'Are You Involved' L.A 2005

3. Have a great photo of the band. Do not use a live shot. This generally looks terrible and ineffective in communicating the message and look of the band. Make an effort with your image in the actual band photo. Look good. There are very few super successful bands that make absolutely no effort with their image and the same should go for you. There are plenty of awesome murals at The Hen House you can take a cool photo in front of and then run some Camera+, Instagram filters over.

4. The Biography section should be no more than 100 words. Remember this is just a quick snapshot of the band and who you are. If people really want the full story they’ll click through to the Facebook page. Keep the bio intriguing. No matter what style or genre your band is in, list a few of the more different influences you have rather than all the most obvious. Imagine a metal band who’s influences read Slayer; U2; Mastadon; At The Drive-In; Bon Iver. That encourages whoever has clicked on your page to have a listen to the song.

5. Have links to Facebook where the listener can actually see your a band has a following and with fans. Also have a link to a sound cloud page if you have extra songs where people can listen to more songs for free and also pay to download the songs. Test that these links actually click through and work. Again about 50% of Unearthed pages have none or broken links.

Get all this right. Create some great music and you’ll be well on your way.

All the best

Rob Nassif