Timothy NelsonHey Everyone,

So one of our hardest working Hen House bands Tired Lion opened the main stage at Splendour in The Grass the other day. Pretty amazing for a band who only 6 months ago had not yet toured the east coast!

A lot of their recent success can be put down to the fantastic song they released a few months ago ‘I Don’t Think You Like Me’ – Hearing this song getting flogged on Triple J reminded me that at the heart of what we need to do as musicians is simply write great songs.

Quality songs that connect with people are what ultimately help take your band to the next level. Tired Lion are a great example of this.

It’s this thought that has inspired our latest initiative down at The Hen House.

Introducing ‘Tune Up’ 

Tune Up will pair bands looking to improve their songwriting skills with some of our most talented homegrown songwriters.

We want to arm you with the tools to hit your songwriting potential sooner rather than later.

Our first Tune Up workshop will take place Saturday August 29th from 12pm to 5:30pm in Studio 2.

I’m happy to announce our first songwriting mentor will be one of Perth’s brightest talents; Timothy Nelson of Timothy Nelson & The Infidels fame.

Take one listen to the Infidels amazing album Terror Terror, Hide It Hide It and you’ll understand why I think Timmy makes an excellent first off mentor for Tune Up.

‘Terror, Terror’ went on to win WAM Album Of The Year for 2014 as well as ‘Best Pop Act’. Tim has held various songwriting workshops in Perth and recently helped mentor the 18 semi-finalists of the Telstra Road To Discovery competition in Melbourne alongside Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) and Andy Bull.


Here’s how it will work

We have a limit of 7 bands per Tune Up workshop.

We’ll kick off proceedings with a group presentation in which Tim will discuss the art of writing and arranging songs for pop, rock and indie bands.

He’ll then delve into the following key points;

  • How to utilise different chord structures in framing your song.
  • The importance of lyrics and finding that great melody.
  • As well as discussing the art of telling a story with in a song.
  • Finding a songs main hook.
  • And finally what to do when you think you’ve hit a road block in the song writing process.

He’ll also be showing a few examples of his favourite songs and will break them down to see what helped make them so successful.

The bands then set up as per normal in one of our rooms and pick one song they want to work on with Tim. 

During each one-on-one session you’ll workshop your band’s song together. Looking at arrangement techniques,  potential weak spots and other ways of bringing out the best in your bands tune.

A halftime break for BBQ and Beers will make for a good chance to meet some other bands before Tim heads back into each room to check on the songs progress so far and to make a 2nd round of suggestions.

By the time we wrap ‘Tune Up’ #1 at 5:30pm the hope is that not only will your band have a much stronger song in your arsenal but that you will now own some of the tools and techniques required to help you keep writing great songs.

Price is only $100 per band. Includes the room hire, BBQ, Beers and most importantly Tim’s skilful songwriting advice.

Only 7 spots available. Saturday 29th of August 12pm to 5:30pm

BOOK NOW by getting in touch with me directly at rob@thehenhouse.com.au

Lets write some killer tunes…