Hey Everyone,

So we were really honoured to team up with Little Creatures at the start of 2015. It allowed us to get their delicious beer into the hands of The Hen House’s talented, hardworking bands. Now thanks to their generosity we have another exciting announcement to make…

Every Saturday for the past 6 months our musicians have enjoyed their Little Creatures alongside a free BBQ. What we found is that it gives bands a great chance to hang out and meet other like minded bands. This sense of community is so important to us at the Hen House that we have decided reinforce it by now offering our free BBQ and Beers to bands every Sunday at 1pm. So weather you jam on a Saturday or Sunday you can rest assured that there will be BBQ and Beer for all!

The hardest decision you’ll have to make will simply be deciding which beer you want?

Book Now – 0407 442 726


Rogers, Pale Ale or White?

Rogers, Pale Ale or White?