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Hen House Band – Tired Lion

ROB: Tired Lion are one of The Hen House Music Rehearsal Rooms hardest working bands. In the past few years I have seen them improve out of sight and as they gear up for the release of their new E.P I thought I’d catch up with singer/guitarist Sophie Hopes to see what makes them tick.

How did Tired Lion start out?

Well we began busking at an early age to try and save up money for better gear. I think at the time we were an acoustic 3 piece called ‘space-boy’. With the money we saved up we managed to buy a few fuzz pedals.. As all bands do we started jamming a few times a week in my parents garage…this is where it all really started to come together and our sound was formed. One thing lead to another, we got louder and louder and our old acoustic ways were abolished. I think Matt Tanner’s obsession with the big muff changed things for the better.

What’s your goal as a musician and for the band?

At the moment we are trying to gain as much exposure as possible. It would be absolutely amazing to one day be noticed on a larger scale, play some more major festivals & collaborate with big name producers *cough* Butch Vig! It would be incredible to travel the world with my band buddies doing what we love. I suppose my goal as a musician is to write as much true music as possible and to make people feel something.. Whatever it may be?

Advice for new bands trying to get shows?

New bands! Don’t be shy The Hen House is a great way to meet other  ‘more established’ bands. People are always looking for fresh new acts for upcoming shows. Exposé your self wherever you can and try to make some friends. The best shows I have played have been alongside a mates band. Hit me up if your keen on some more shows!

How do you go about writing songs in Tired Lion?

Our song writing process is pretty natural, I hate to mull on a song for too long. Matt and I are the main songwriters for the band and usually get together and jam before taking the ideas to the music rehearsal rooms. We find we’re a lot more productive that way. Recently we’ve had a few studio jams together with nothing prepared and have come out with new tunes that I feel could be our best work yet. We tend to go with the flow and feed off each other, muck around, switch instruments whatever goes.

How long have you been jamming @ The Hen House Music Rehearsal Rooms and what’s your favourite room?

I think I’ve been jamming at the Hen for close to 2 years now..

I really dig studio 2! The rooms all have a special vibe, which makes it so hard to choose my favorite.

Room 11 – 12 -16 & 17 are my main preferences.

Hardest part of being in a band?

Hardest part of being in a band would be constantly trying to prove to others what you’re doing in life is for a good reason and purpose.  A lot of people feel we’re on earth to work as much as possible and secure a future with plenty of funds.

If music is what you love then do it..figure out the rest later.

Favourite Perth band?

 There’s a lot of great music coming out of Perth which is why it makes this question so hard.

Hen House dudes.. ‘Pat Chow’ & Super Legends ‘Apache!’ Check them out if you haven’t yet!

Whats next for Tired Lion?
Our EP launch is on the 12th of Oct at the Bakery.

Come join the party! Yezza!


The band is set to nationally release our debut EP on the 10th of October! If you’re super lazy and don’t want to attend the launch you can pre-order it! It will be delivered to your front door.

Thanks for the chat Sophie. Good luck with the launch! Its been a pleasure getting to know you guys down here at The Hen House music rehearsal rooms.

Rob Nassif