Weekly Rehearsal Space Perth

Room 17 @ The Hen House

Rehearsal Space Perth

The Hen House Rehearsal Space Perth, has for the first time in quite a while got a handful of regular spots are available for bands looking to book a recurring weekly rehearsal space Perth to practise.

If you really want to improve as a musician and get your band to the next level then this is the 1st step on that journey.

Practising week in and week out sets an expectation for your bandmates and allows you to write songs, practise for that upcoming gig and meet other bands down here at the studio. Here’s how it works.

1. You basically work out with your bandmates a night or day that works for everyone. For example Thursday Night 6pm.

2. We book you in for the night you settle on. So for instance every Thursday Night 6pm going forward is now booked in. No need to rebook each week and risk missing out on a spot.

3. No Credit Card is required you simply pay on the night for each week.

4. Simply cancel the booking when you can’t make it down.

Thats it. Super simple and the ideal way to really join The Hen House family and be part of the community down here. From my years of running the studio I’ve noticed that this is the best way for bands to really achieve their goals. Everyone from Gyroscope, Tired Tion, the Love Junkies, Pat Chow, Rag n Bone, Miles Away, Graphic Characters, Claim the Throne, Tempest Rising, The Creative Lies, Insatiables, Ratking, The Light the Dark, At Depths, 13 Circles, Unravel, Nucleust, etc etc has called the hen house home as a regular

If you’re interested, give us a call or text on 0407 442 726

Thanks crew,


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